With real dealers on a live casino, online gaming just took things to the next level

For the unfamiliar, online gaming may well seem like a far cry from the joy of experiencing the real deal up close and person. With their impressions based on the video games of old, they think back to pixel-heavy graphics of square-jawed cartoon characters communicating with us through scrolling text, running their way through a fairly limited array of pre-typed messages in the process.

Perhaps they even think of it as something of a solo activity, of lonely singletons locking themselves behind closed doors and pitting their wits against a computer program.

What those of us who are familiar with online gaming know that the uninitiated don’t, is that the idea they have of our favourite hobby couldn’t be more further from the actual truth, and if you hadn’t guessed already, we have technology to thank for this.

An evolving Internet

The Internet has done many wonderful things in its relatively short existence. It’s revolutionised the way we shop, dramatically changed the way we work, and yes, even had a significant impact on the way we spend our free time.

The latter particularly applies to those of us who chose to spend that time placing our bets and trying our luck at the casino.

The way the web -not to mention all of its associated technologies- have evolved over the last decade or so have presented casino owners, bookmakers and game developers alike with ample opportunities to really up the ante when it comes to providing gambling fans with a virtual experience as close to the real thing as it gets.

It started with better graphics and even the move into video-based games which flawlessly replicate the sights and sounds of world-renowned casinos and brought all the action literally into our homes.

It went a step further with live chat and social elements, breaking down the barriers of communication so that us gamers could get to know one another even whilst a game was in progress.

A personal approach in real time

Then, the industry really took it to the next level by giving us the chance to play not against a pre-programmed game, but against genuine real dealers on a live casino online.

At this stage, the house was no longer represented by an automated avatar which gave the whole thing a lesson than personal approach, but by an honest to goodness human being, capable of communicate with players and keep the game running, all in real time.

Not only is this a lot more personal than betting against a computer, it also finally adds the one crucial element that online casinos were missing when it came to bringing the world of physical, bricks-and-mortar environments to those of us who chose to get our gambling fix over the web.

What this ultimately means of course, is that those who still view online gaming as a poor, pixelated substitute for a real world experience just don’t know what they’re missing out on.