Playing Online Roulette Can Be Fun Plus You Could Win

Many people have won big prices by playing roulette. In our Roulette winning stories, we want to look at some of the people have not only beaten the odds but also made a fortune out of gambling.

This does not mean that these are the only big winners when it comes to roulette because the list is endless. A good number of high rollers from Las Vegas and other parts of the world keep their matters private thus making tricky to determine the wins.

Simon Chan Won Big Playing at Live22 In Malaysia

One player who was literally playing on his mobile at Live22, a casino in Malaysia managed to build up such a remarkable winning streak, even the casino had coders and developers designing scripts to try and figure out if the player was cheating. He was winning at odds that were literally impossible. However, after the casino checked the roulette code in question, it just so happened that Chan’s lucky numbers had not hit as much as others over a 2-year period.

It is a classic case of being in the right place at the right time with your lucky numbers. He won over 9 Million Malaysian Ringgit during a session that spanned across 2 months. Check out c9bets live22 download, who is the casino company and agent that he made this huge win through.

Ashley Revell Wins In Las Vegas With a Stroke of Luck

One of the biggest jackpot winners we cannot afford to leave out is Ashley Revell, won on a crazy bet.  This man decided to take everything he had made in his lifetime to Las Vegas and put the entire amount on a single spin of the wheel.

The total amount of money used by Ashley was $ 135,000. Fortunately, the guy managed to win the bet and saw his stake double. The winning bet motivated him to begin an online poker site and he named it Poker UTD. You may have heard about this reported in the news.

If you have been gaming with Poker UTD then now you know how the owner got money to finance the company.  That said, this site has since closed.

Charles Wells Wins A Million, Losses A Million, Then Goes to Jail

The third winning story we came across is Charles Wells. Wells went into the books of history after he won one million francs in single night while playing at the Monte Carlo. Before the end of that year, he returned in the game and won another million francs.

Unfortunately, his desire to make more money resulted in him losing everything he had made before. Later on, Wells was put behind bars for business scams – he was in for eight years but has since been released and disappeared off the map.

Even if you decided to convert the Francs into dollars, you will not manage to establish the purchasing power that amount of money had during that time. The only thing that remains clear is that it was a huge amount of money to be made from roulette.

Jagger Joseph Took Advatage of a Bias Roulette Wheel

The fourth highest roulette winner is Jagger Joseph. Jagger was working as a cotton mechanic before he decided to take his experience to the Beaux- Arts casino. He secretly collaborated with the clerks at the casino to note the outcome of most spins made by the roulette wheels.

He noted that one of the wheels at the casino indicated a clear bias. He also realized the wheels were showing 7, 9, 17,18,19,22, 28 and 29 more often than a truly random wheel should be doing. He decided to visit the casino in person and placed his bets that won him $ 375,000 within a few days of gambling.

The casino noted his trick and decided to get rid of the biased wheel afterward. Unlike others who continue gambling, Jagger decided to keep all his winning and left his job to invest in property without ever returning to the casino again.

Mike Ashley, Owner of Newcastle United, Won £1.3 Million

Mike Ashley is the fifth winner in our Roulette winning stories. They say money goes to money, and this case it really did as Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United FC took the casino to the cleaners.

Ashley visited MayFair club and decided to throw a huge roulette bet of about a half a million pounds. In a single spin, he made 480, 000 pounds. At the end, he walked away with £1.3 million after making a net profit 820,000 pounds.