How Online Slots Fare When Compared to Offline Slots?

The online slot games are the in thing these days and many of the casino game lovers love to play their favorite slot games online than visiting an offline casino. When the online slots were introduced they were not on par with the games that people enjoyed playing in a land based casino. The jackpots and the quality of games were not that good on online slots earlier. But, with the advancement in technology and the speed of the internet, the online slots have garnered more support than before and now it is 100 times better than any physical casino. The 3D graphics and sound quality as well as higher payouts and jackpot prizes have attracted many slot game enthusiasts to play online casino games from the comforts of their home.

What Are The Differences?

The online slots are more or less similar to what land based slot games offer. This is because the modern day slot machine games that you find in the land based casino has a computer chip that will bring out the outcome of a spin. So, if you play online slots in popular casinos like Dobra Mine, you will find it to be as identical to what you experience when playing in a physical slot machine. There are few exceptions to this.

  • You play with virtual coins in online slots and use real coins while playing in a land based slot machine.
  • The other major difference is that you can play at any time you want in an online slot machine and also play it from your home or office or an internet cafĂ©.
  • You can play your favorite slot games in land based casinos only when it is open.

Progressive Jackpots

The jackpots offered in online casinos are not close to the millions of dollar jackpots on offer in a land based casino. But, there are many large wins on offer in online slots. Smaller jackpots in the range of 100,000 dollars are won by players on a regular basis online. As more of the progressive slots in various online casinos are linked together, the jackpots and the prize money will be growing quickly. The biggest advantage that you enjoy through an online slot game is that jackpots won are paid in a single installment.

Payout Percentages

The payouts offered by online slot machine sites like Dobra Mine are much higher than what is offered in a land based casino. This is mainly due to the lower operating costs that online casinos have to deal with. Also, by playing online slots you do not incur any hotel or traveling costs to the casinos and thereby you tend to save a lot of money than when you visit a physical casino.


All the classic as well as modern slot machine games you find in a land based casino is now offered by online slot casinos. You just need to open the slot site, choose your favorite slot game and start playing slots. Visit the website if you are looking to play all types of slot machine games.